Protect your home from burglars while on vacation

What more could it be than getting sunbathing and coming home?
Nothing. As long as your neighbor calls you and does not inform you that he is a thief in your house. This is the beginning of a stressful holiday.
Fortunately, you can manage the web site via super smart phone system phones. I do not even control your house in this way, I swim as you swim.

You are probably familiar with what you can do with your phone. Your phone is something you need to upgrade your house to. This innovation brings not only the remnants but also the devices together with the online written system between them.

Be where you are. Wi-Fi is a special key for these systems. It helps you to send the dispenser, dispenser and applications to connect to the dispensers of the sensors in your home system. You will probably notice if there is a theft!

Buy Against Thieves

First and foremost with your windows, you have access to sensors that perceive marching and movement movements and vibrations. You have to place these sensors in a lot of ways, and you are also less likely to get rid of them or break them. The ultrasonic sensors will detect vibrations that are caused by movement.

The sensors automatically illuminate the outside lamps. At the same time, the sensors automatically illuminate the interior lamps, allowing the illusion of the house cavity to occur.

To hide and hide. Smart ones are enough to face. They can also log him outdoors in his diary. Where are the good camera pictures? Maybe it is not a very fun show, but we follow the images of creating it. Storing records with the cloud system of the same system. In this respect, the records do not worry about the problem of disappearance and deletion.

Being an animal owner will perceive it with his movement.

We also warn you about sensors fire, water or gas leaks. In such cases, validated and validated with sensors.

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